aremisus said: james looking up at the painting of pyramid head in the historical society? also, heather walking along the entrance path leading to the borley haunted mansion? those would be great!

Haha sounds like I have to boot up SH2 at some point! I can do the Borely Haunted Mansion path definitely! 

rnattmurdock said: could you do a gif of the bug room from sh2?

I’ll try!! <333

aremisus said: would you accept requests for silent hill 1 and silent hill 2 gifs?

I can do Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4!

silentjill said: more of gods birth from 3??????

Hmm! I’ll try! :D

randyfromearth said: If you could make a gif of Heather scaring Douglas in the True Ending that'd be great :)

Ohh! I definitely have that already! 

missvalerietanner said: How 'bout some gifs of Heather and Douglas' fight after Harry's death?

Yes! I have many already but I’ll try to do some others that highlight moments I didn’t capture! 

Okay so…

I am fulfilling a request to do some Memory of Alessa .gifs! The fight comes along and I realize I forgot to change her texture back. We’re going to roll with this for now but I’ll do some proper ones after. Next we have the Glutton request, Valtiel in vents, and bloody walls! Please leave me more requests and I’ll get to them I promise! <3 

oldchaos said: moving blood, bleeding walls, etc!! :D

Oooh! The PC version has flame-ier walls in the church but I’ll try! <3

shabnakh-adyr said: Could you please do some of Valtiel crawling in the church's vents?

Yeesss! <3

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